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Various content selects and special fan activations from the most recent Jonas Brothers tours below.

fan moments

2019: a fan brought a “The #1 Fly With Me Stan” sign that we captured and highlighted on JB socials. 2021: the fan’s wife sent a DM on Instagram alerting us he would be coming to another show. We coordinated to capture the fan again during 'Fly With Me' and created a piece telling the full 2019-2021 story. After this experience, the fan came to four more shows and brought his whole family with him, highlighting how special and impactful these moments are.

In 2021, we caught a proposal in the audience from the band’s perspective. In addition to posting the clip of the proposal, we shared images of the couple (and several other engagements!) on @rememberthistour. The bride saw the brothers again a few shows later and then again in Las Vegas in June of 2022 celebrating her bachelorette party. Her reaction was captured on iPhone and created another piece short form content calling back to the previous show moment. Highlighting these memories reach not only super fans but extends a personal touch to the general audience as well.

There was a Gender Reveal moment captured at the Tampa show and shared to JB socials. The mom brought an envelope, the brothers opened it on stage, and then signed it for her. 5 shows later in Phoenix, a fan had a gender reveal sign and ended up pranking Joe with a #Roasted. The Jonas Brothers Family Roast was set to premiere on Netflix in 4 weeks later.

This fan wore an amazing outfit so we captured it and contacted her a few months later to secure permission to use her image as a Spotify Canvas. She approved, and later made a viral TikTok about the experience in August 2022. A great example of the unexpected ways in which we see fan love spread out into significant digital engagement.


Short form video content captured on Sony a7siii and iPhone.

longform video content

This video was used as a thank you to fans following the end of the Happiness Begins Tour in Feb 2020. It was edited with the specific intention of creating a social post that felt sentimental, grateful, and a direct thank you to the fans.

This video combined clips of never before seen tour footage + crowdsourced fan videos to create an official fan tour video that was launched leading up to the Remember This Tour.

This video is made out of photos from the Happiness Begins Tour setlist. We edited burst images of the best choreographed moments from all the shows in setlist order. It was used as a social post to celebrate the tour’s 1 year anniversary in August of 2020.

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