original concepts

Ahead of a shoot, our team brainstorms original concepts for skits, video formats, and more to support the client's current priorities, in concert with the client and team.

trending audio

In addition to original concepts and ideas, we compile relevant trending sounds and formats catered specifically for participating in the existing online conversation.

bts moments & recaps

In addition to pre-planned content, we also offer BTS services for music video shoots, photoshoots, and more, focusing on short form edits and highlighting candid personality moments during the creative process.

pre-release content

For those passionate about pre-release teasing, we'll help capture and ideate concepts tailored to enhancing the conversation leading up to a release.

performance content

Tour content services are available, including photo + video deliverables with a focus on highlighting special moments between the artist and fans.

service breakdown

produced shoots

  • 4 or 8 hour shoot

  • Includes all shooting, editing, deliverables, and creative backend

  • Styling, VFX, location booking, extra gear rentals, etc are the talent’s responsibility

  • Customized Deliverables List

BTS capture

  • Individual shooter onsite for BTS capture during photo, video shoots, and live events with a focus on short form vertical content

  • Includes all shooting, editing, deliverables, and creative backend

  • Customized Deliverables List